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Dainese GILET BALIOS 3 KID BETA - BLACK - JL - kamizelka ochronna do jazdy konnej

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Innovative protective waistcoat for equestrian sports, characterised by a hexagonal construction which guarantees maximum efficiency in terms of coverage (with the possibility to generate closed surfaces) and mobility (6 sides, mobility through axes of 30°, 90° and 150°). The arrangement of the hexagons in composite figures allows the design of a protective system that offers mobility and maximum protection where necessary. The material used, Crash Absorb, is a special water-repellent viscoelastic nitrile rubber, perforated especially and capable of guaranteeing protection, comfort and breathability at maximum levels. The garment is completed by a comfortable elasticated system which allows the waistcoat to be hooked up to the pants, remaining in the correct position during all phases of use. CE EN 13158:2009 level 3