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Schuberth Kask Schuberth S2 - White Matt - M

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Producent: Schuberth

Gwarancja: 12 miesięcy

Cena:1495,00 PLN
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Oszczędzasz: 700.00 PLN
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The all-rounder
With the S2 Schuberth presents its new helmet for sporty tours. The innovative helmet with integrated sun visor will appeal to sports riders and motorcycle tourists. It is a real all-rounder.

With its novel ventilation system and the distinctive air scoop at the back of the head it ensures the rider's head remains pleasantly cool. Thanks to the distinctive front spoiler on the edge of the helmet closure the contact pressure at high speeds is increased, thus relieving the neck muscles. It provides the highest quality in terms of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics.

Weight, standard and size
only 1,450 grams (+/-50g) in size M to protect the neck muscles
ECE-R 22.05
This test standard guarantees conformity to defined safety standards in respect of impact absorption, penetration resistance, lateral rigidity, retention system and field of vision.
The approval guarantees that you have approval for all the countries which recognise the ECE standard.

Head size in cm SCHUBERTH helmet size Alpha helmet size
50 to 51 50/51 XXS
52 to 53 52/53 XS
54 to 55 54/55 S
56 to 57 56/57 M
58 to 59 58/59 L
60 to 61 60/61 XL
62 to 63 62/63 XXL
64 to 65 64/65 XXXL