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Dainese - a brand that does not need to be presented to any fan of motorsports, skiing or cycling. Founded in 1972 by Lino Dainese, the Italian company pursued ambitious goals from the beginning.

In the beginning, the goal was to equip motorcyclists with safer clothing. Dainese was the first company to introduce protectors into motorcycle clothing. It was the first to develop a back protector inspired by the shell of an armadillo. It was the first to introduce colored materials to motorcycle clothing, patented flexible leather panels for better ergonomics, and introduced modern materials and technologies to improve the safety of not only motorcyclists anymore, but also lovers of other dynamic sports where there is a risk of serious injury. It has developed the D-Air airbag system for motorcyclists and skiers, which reduces the risk of chest, back, shoulder and neck injuries by up to 85%. Together with MIT, NASA and ESA, it is working on a suit for the Mars 2030 mission that provides mechanical body compression in a vacuum. Dainese, together with ESA, has developed a suit that simulates gravity to prevent skeletal expansion and muscle relaxation during prolonged weightlessness. The solutions developed for D-Air are also being used to protect the crew of the Emirates Team New Zealand catamaran, people working at height, seniors, and infants. With the introduction of solutions such as back or chest protectors, airbags integrated into the outfits, or ergonomic elastic inserts - Dainese has revolutionized the motorcycle apparel market. In addition to functional advantages, the brand's specialists also decided to visually enrich the outfits - colorful suits were designed, the cuts of individual models were diversified. Drawing on the experience gained along the way - Dainese also expanded into the production of clothing collections for skiers, cyclists, horse riding enthusiasts - dedicating innovative, tailored solutions to these groups. Today, Dainese is synonymous with excellent quality sportswear and top-notch protectors for beginners and advanced users.

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