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F2 - a company founded in 1981 in Germany. F2 specializes in the production of various types of sports boards.

It has gained popularity in the world of windsurfing boards, however, the brand's snowboards also impress with their high quality. Today, F2 is one of the largest manufacturers of snowboard equipment in Europe. It offers both hard and soft boards, as well as bindings and matching boots. F2 is a brand that moves with the times and is a creator of new trends, and some of the brand's designs from past decades enjoy cult status. It was F2 that developed the excellent Intec Step In system, which, almost unchanged for more than 20 years, remains the best on the market and virtually the only one. Interestingly, it is the brand's hard bindings, the F2 Race Titanium and Intec Titanium, that are the most popular in the world (in their category).

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