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Set-up Suggestions:

Soft (Yellow) Springs: Light to medium weight riders who want the softest flexing boot

Medium (Blue) Springs: Medium to heavy weight riders who want a firmer flexing boot

Hard (Red) Springs: Heavy weight riders who want the stiffest flex possible out of their boots.

The Bomber BTS (Boot Tuning System) will work only on Deeluxe/Raichle snowboard hardboots*.

Complete BTS Kits HERE

Sold in Pairs

* Does Not work on earlier SB121 Raichle boots

Technical Data

Long (toe side) springs = 3" (7.62cm) long
Short (heel side) springs = 1.5" (3.9cm) long
Spring Rates: units = lbs/in (N/mm)
Yellow "Long" Spring = 96 (25)
Yellow "Short" Spring = 200 (56)
Blue "Long" Spring = 144 (60)
Blue "Short" Spring = 320 (129)
Red "Long" Spring = 340 (82)
Red "Short" Spring = 656 (177)